Katy Cambridge recycled her green coat. Whatever. Can we focus instead on that really, REALLY bad hairstyle?

She’s 31. The only excuse for this hairstyle is Middleton Style. The worst style. Because she can wear her hair up in so many other different, less old lady wedding ways. Stop. I consider a chignon totally old lady mall wedding too. Go ahead and yell at me. We will fight over this FOREVER. There will never be a day when I think a young princess -- no matter if she’s pregnant -- should be wearing her hair like this, or in a chignon or a twist or whatever it is that people who went to beauty school in the 80s were doing, when there are alternatives. Here’s an alternative:

Low ponytail. The END.

You’re telling a low ponytail would have been inferior to THIS BUN!??! She’s pregnant. Her hair is not pregnant. The hair did not need a bump.