Jacek and I were in London on Remembrance Day. We walked by the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey. There are so many poppies. Too many poppies. It’s... quite an arresting visual.

For the Royal Family this was a significant weekend as the symbols of a nation to lead their people in remembering the fallen. For the Cambridges Will and Catherine it was their first Armistice Day as a married couple and they were expected at several events through Sunday.

Thursday night it was the National Memorial Arboretum Appeal reception at St James’s Palace where Will spoke and where Kate wore a silver Jenny Packham. I’ve attached video below. Watching her move around is better than photos. And she looks even thinner.

On Friday William and Catherine attended The Prince’s Charities Forum at BAFTA. BAFTA headquarters are on Piccadilly. True story, Jacek and I had breakfast at The Wolseley that morning, also on Piccadilly, and then walked back on Piccadilly towards Piccadilly Circus tube, passing BAFTA on the way where a security was stationed outside the doors looked extra official and intense. And I remember thinking to myself, oh I wonder who’s in there today, maybe Jude Law/Kate Winslet/Bill Nighy/Colin Firth? And it turns out it was Will and Kate which, now that I know that, I would have at least not walked so fast, maybe breathed it in a little more, considering just over six months previous, not 10 blocks away, I watched them wave by the Duke of York steps on their chariot heading back to Buckingham Palace. It was like a reunion!  (Photo Source: The British Monarchy)

Yesterday for Remembrance Sunday, as Will followed his grandparents Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, and his father Prince Charles, in laying a wreath at the Cenotaph during the commemoration service, Kate joined her mother-in-law Camilla and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, on the balcony at Whitehall in a well-tailored black DVF coat and hat. (Source) He has such a handsome profile, non? Like, could they have created a more fitting Prince???

As for the big baby question you keep emailing me about and the change in succession laws that were recently passed by the Commonwealth, the future King or Queen is now also allowed to marry a Roman Catholic. All this in advance of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Her Majesty’s Jubilee weekend will take place on June 2, 3, 4, 5, 2012. Some people say that it would be the ultimate Jubilee gift for Will and Kate to announce their first pregnancy on this occasion.

Now would that be enhancing the celebration or would it be overshadowing it?

Good Form would say that the Queen’s weekend is about the Queen. Their baby can take a backseat.

But Kate turns 30 in January. For royal people, it’s a rather advanced heir-making age. And, no doubt, subject of much conversation. As in they must talk about her womb a lot. About the fact that she better get it done soon. They’d expect at least two, although now the pressure’s off to have a boy first, even though if she does have a boy first, and second, even with the new succession laws, they’ll still puff their chests out like it was a major accomplishment.

If they have a girl, will she be called Diana? To be the future Queen Diana? OMG.