Couple of weeks ago they allowed themselves to be photographed together in public in the same frame at a friend’s wedding. William who has been trained since birth on protocol was fully aware of what he was doing. Everyone has since been waiting for the official announcement which came this morning.

Prince Wills proposed to Kate Middleton last month in Kenya. He asked her father’s permission. He INFORMED the Queen of his intention. They are to marry in spring/summer. They will live in North Wales.

I like the idea of Her Majesty being “informed” rather than being “consulted”. This appeared to be an issue when they broke up a couple of years ago. Apparently Kate was too common, or her mother was, or he wanted to dick around some more before settling down, so she was single for a brief spell and got a nominal job and then he missed her and asked her back and now she’ll be a princess. My friend Danielle says it’s what Kate’s always wanted sourcing the BBC’s report that she used to have a poster of William up in her bedroom when she was a little girl. I wrote back to Danielle that I hope there’s no sex tape. Danielle said the sex tape is the one of her in that fashion show when she wore the see through outfit, which is when he finally noticed her. Er, how’s that for a modern fairy tale?

Will and Kate’s first interview together will be broadcast tonight. They will be showing off the ring some time today too. After that we can post Kate’s ring and Porny Jessica Simpson’s ring side by side and laugh our asses off. OMG I think that’s my new favourite game.

Attached – various photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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