Ok I’m back at the hotel, writing as fast as I can. There’s still a lot to cover from the Grey Goose party last night and I’ll get to that soon but first…

Prince William and Kate Middleton were in Scotland today at St Andrews, where they went to university and of course where they met and fell in love. There were there to launch a fundraising campaign, the second day in a row they’ve been together on official royal-ish duty. And exactly 8 weeks to the wedding. Like 8 weeks today.

So they’re trotting this out deliberately, like an Oscar campaign of their very own. Well played, royals. Well played indeed. In many ways actually, having been immersed in Academy protocol all week, the Palace and the Academy are very similar. There is a certain amount of gravitas to the Oscars – from the policies and procedures to their staff to the volunteers, it’s the safeguarding of an institution that has its own issues with questions of archaism, much like the Monarchy and the ongoing debate about its relevance.


It is ALWAYS relevant when there’s a wedding involved.

PS. What’s up Scotland? I’ll be there for work in March! What’s a gossip night in Glasgow like?

Photos from Wenn.com