Yes, know-it-alls. That’s your cue to shoot your hand straight up in the air with the answer. Or email me. About Prince William and Kate Middleton, who showed up together this weekend at their first official public event since the engagement for a Christmas reception in support of the Teenager Cancer Trust. As you can see, while happy and seemingly in great spirits, they’re maintaining a respectable distance between their bodies. Not appropriate to walk with fingers linked? If anything it would be an arm link then? Handholding is so common. Remember that the next time you hold hands with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/lover. That doing so is just one of the reasons you are not royal.

While William and Kate were demonstrating propriety, Hot Harry was in Germany this weekend on prince business of his own and receiving an award for his charity work. They gave him the Golden Heart. And that actress with the healthy cleavage standing next to him wanted to give him hers too.

But Hot Harry’s big boo boo lips are reserved for the children. Please. Look at him all charming and cute with the shy babies and their moms. Duana wrote to me the other day positing that no amount of royal swagger can erase the fact that William is a giant dork. This is not how I would describe Harry.

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