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Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 11, 2011 06:15:31 April 11, 2011 06:15:31

It’s their final official engagement together before the Wedding. The wedding is 18 days away. Today Prince William and Kate Middleton were in Darwen, Lancashire for the opening of a school. And, well, since it’s the UK and since it’s April, it was raining. Kate held her own black umbrella. The British press are all jizzy about it, noting that she opted not to use the clear ones that the Queen uses, instead lifting a standard one above her head to allow onlookers to see her. This is why I love the royal sh-t. Everything is a major production. Even umbrellas!

There was a story that was released last week, something about Kate being so stressed about the wedding that she’s chain-smoking and losing weight. Rubbish. About the smoking part I mean. I’m told by a slamdunk source the smoking part is bullsh-t. She’s 28. She’s been preparing for this for years. She has been studying it for years. And what Kate has that Diana didn’t have is the discipline that comes with being common and ambitious. As noted previously on several occasions, it’s this discipline that will make her well suited to the job. Kate Middleton is not going into this with as many illusions that Diana had. Diana was a dreamer. Kate is a pragmatist. She is well prepared for duty and disappointment. And she is too focused on the big prize, the overall picture, what she’s about to become, to stain it away with a sneaky cigarette. Trust me on this one. This girl is all about self control. Maybe too much of it.

PS. Just got my location assignment on Royal Wedding Day! I’ll be on the route reporting from the Duke of York steps. If you’re in London, come find me and we’ll throw you on camera!

Photos from Wenn.com and Chris Jackson/Gettyimages.com

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