This is the front page of Woman’s Day magazine featuring never before seen photos of Prince William and his Catherine on their honeymoon last year in the Seychelles. They were taken 15 months ago and only just published now...

And word is the royal family is freaking out.

At the time, there was apparently a press agreement in place that the newlyweds would be left alone. The photographer then had to sit on these shots until now. It’s worth nothing that another Australian magazine, New Idea, revealed where Prince Harry was stationed during his tour of duty in 2008. As a result, he had to be sent home - something he’s still really pissy about, and you really can’t blame him.

We have been trained to suspect that these leaks come from celebrities themselves so the obvious question would be if Will and Kate planned this. Did they want us to see these photos?

Absolutely not.

You’ve seen Kate’s wardrobe. By now you know her style. Catherine Cambridge does not walk around in a bikini. It’s the antithesis of the image she’s been working to promote. But then doesn’t hurt either. Especially now as the Royal Family enjoys this wave of popularity during Her Majesty’s jubilee and right before the Olympics, when the young royals are expected to be rather visible. They are the picture of youth and vitality, and just in time too as Celebitchy reports today that Star Magazine is trying to sh-t out a story about how Kate is frigid and won’t let Will mount her. I don’t actually know how they stay in business.

PS. really love Will’s shorts.