On November 16, 2010...

Do you remember?

They announced their engagement! Thus kicking off 6 months of wedding fever culminating in the big ass wedding on April 29th.

Happy Anniversary Engagement...Announcement?

A lot of us went ape-sh-t that day. So many of your emails. So much princess fairy tale fantasy play. So much ring debate! Should he have given her his mother’s ring? What could that portend?

Well, we ended up talking about her weight. A lot.

And her sister’s ass became a topic of conversation for about 5 minutes. (I’m over Pippa, sadly.)

Anyway, while I’m stuck in studio, enjoy the year that was, until I can prep the next article. On Blake Lively. Who I’m still hoping with find Hot Harry on a Horse.

Next year, on November 16, 2012, will we be talking about a Royal Heir? Please. Beyonce’s baby will be more tricked out than Will and Kate’s.

Thanks Stephany!