Thoughts on the official royal engagement portraits?

They were taken by Mario Testino whose photographs of Diana are the princes’ favourites. Did you buy that book? Of course I bought that book. She is SO beautiful in that book. I’ve attached the two I like best.

As for William and “Catherine”’s – the formal photo looks like their heads have been glued on, non? Especially his. They messed around with that one too much I think.

The other one however is perfect. Love it so much. Goddamn she is photogenic, non? And... she did her own makeup and styling. A Reiss white dress for the stodgy shot and a Whistles blouse for the cuddly one. Very accessible. Reiss! Wish we had Reiss in Canada.

Their display of affection is something of a departure where royals are concerned. Usually, you know, those tight asses, they can barely stand to touch each other. It’s another sign, so say the experts, that this modern royal couple is calling (most of) the shots. Or, perhaps more accurately, that he is. It’s a fairytale, yes, but let’s not be too naive about it.