Totally buying this issue. Several copies. Obviously for Will & Kate but also because, well, let’s break it down, shall we?

This is the cover of July Vanity Fair using an outtake from the couple’s engagement photo shoot with Mario Testino. It’s almost like a cellphone candid, non? Adorable. They look SO happy. Along with an exclusive image, the magazine is also promising exclusive details about their new married life together, taking out the garbage, the honeymoon, and more.

You may snort about the garbage taking out part but as already noted in previous posts, their house in Anglesey is really rather modest. It’s a cottage. There’s one bedroom, a den, and one bathroom. She does actually do the daily tidying. She hikes a lot. At least she used to, when they lived there before the wedding. It’s actually not princessy at all.

And according to Vanity Fair, they did watch their wedding together on tv after the fact. And giggled!?! Over cream cheese and brussel sprouts?


I am devouring every word.

And the entire Stieg Larsson article too which ... I mean if you know that story, obviously right? As told by his longtime girlfriend??!!!! She’s the one who’s fighting with his family, who is in possession of the unpublished work, the laptops – that’s what they’ve been fighting over. All this with the famous Vanity Fair dishy treatment? I’m into it.

To say nothing of the “lesser” stories: a playboy burning through millions, Berlusconi’s 33 party girls – bunga bunga anyone? – and most interestingly...

Justin Timberlake learns to “take it all off”.

JT certainly has enough clout to land his own Vanity Fair cover. He’s headlining a summer romantic comedy Friends With Benefits, while co-starring in another Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz, and he’ll lead the action thriller In Time with Amanda Seyfried which is supposed to open in the fall. So... it would not have been a bad time to have him front July.

Was he supposed to front July?

They’ll never tell. Or admit. But editorially, if you can get your hands on an exclusive Royal Couple outtake, with information about what they’re like in real life, and their honeymoon, on newsstands while they’re touring North America, well of course you’re going to bump Pipsqueak. You’ll bump him every time.