US Weekly reported at about 11:30am ET that Catherine of William and William left in a convoy from Bucklebury, where she’d been staying with her parents, heading to London, leading to speculation – again! – that Baby Wales might be arriving. The Palace would not comment. So far nothing yet at the hospital although there was a lookalike couple that sent everyone into a panic. Click here to see the photo. This lookalike photoshoot business is so lame. Anyway, they may have just been going back to their apartment at Kensington Palace. Or not. Even I find the coverage a little exhausting. And I’m a royal worshipper. Then again, I haven’t been camped out there for weeks, like some journalists. Can you imagine what this might be doing to their budgets?

Not everyone is Good Morning America. In fact, not even close. The expense from the North American journalists in particular must be exorbitant, even without the exchange rate, especially considering that they’ve sent back nothing so far. Nothing but a daily report that consists of just two words:

Not yet.

And this is why some conspiracy theorists are saying that they may have intentionally let people believe that the due date was sooner than it actually is. If that’s true, we might have yet another 2 weeks to go.

PEOPLE recalls that Diana was induced with William because she couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. As we’ve all seen, Kate seems to be much better prepared with the pressure than her mother-in-law ever was.

When when when when when?

Please not this afternoon. I’m peacing out a little early today and, selfishly, I really don’t want to come back to work. If it happens before 5pm PT though, you’ll find me here. If not, see you back here on Monday!