Prince William played polo this weekend for charity, his first public appearance since presenting Georgie to the world almost two weeks ago. As expected, all anyone cared about was the baby. How’s the baby? Are you changing nappies? Baby this, baby that. And the baby was even gifted with a baby mallet.

Regular mommyjacking and babyjacking is bad enough. Royal babyjacking is the ultimate. For Hot Harry on a Horse, this is his new life now – constantly babyjacked by an infant. Where he’s concerned though, it’s all good. Harry could do with some babyjacking. He could have done with some more babyjacking last August in Vegas. Here is an heir who is happily the spare. It’s a privileged existence without the pressure. He will happily be cockblocked and babyjacked as much as possible if it means he can continue going to music festivals, partying with the Sloane Ravers, and falling asleep drunk with his hand down his pants at least 3 nights a week. Preferably in green. Gingers generally look great in green. Harry Wales is no exception.