Dear Gossips,

Last week was all about Will and Kate’s trip to India and Bhutan. And I realised this weekend that I hadn’t posted a single article about it. Every day I looked at some new shots. And every day, beyond mentioning that her shoe game is just so infuriatingly weak, there was nothing to say.

Today in royal news, Will and Harry are doing Star Wars. Episode VIII has been in production in England for a couple of months now and the two are visiting the studio. You know how we always say that Harry is a good hugger? Check it. This might be his best hug:

Oh … but look. Look who else showed up. Because if there are cameras around and it’s a guaranteed headline, BB-8 will sniff it out and push his way to the front. Punk.

I do like this lightsaber duel though. Because people are so irritated with the Cambridges right now there are some who feel like it’s Harry who’s been repping the family harder, and better, than the ones who will be King and Queen. Not that he would ever. Never, ever.

Yours in gossip,