In the absence of a (real) princess…

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 27, 2013 14:48:38 November 27, 2013 14:48:38

That’s what I wrote yesterday when I posted the Taylor Swift arrival photos from Prince William’s Winter Whites Gala – click here for a refresher. And that was before they sang together. 

Can’t get enough of this video.

Bon Jovi calls for Will to get up and join him for Living On A Prayer. He and Taylor come together. And the rest of it is AWKWARD AS F-CK. Look at how uncomfortable he is. That is not where he lives. That is not where he was bred. In this case, a throne is not a stage. And, again, that’s what sets celebrity apart from royalty. When you are born to it, you don’t have to seek it. I had to look away when the camera came in on him and he stood there nodding, not knowing the words.

By contrast, Taylor has never seemed more alive. She might also be trying to overcompensate for his discomfort. Either way, it’s a fascinating study of opposites. Question: would this have happened if Kate had been there?

God it’s really, really, really too bad Harry wasn’t there. As I noted several weeks ago when I posted about the event invitation – click here for a refresher – that’s her Prince Charming. And it would keep us in business for a long, long time.

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