No love when there’s no Kate?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 12, 2012 19:35:57 October 12, 2012 19:35:57

Prince William attended a gala at St James’s Palace last night to recognise the 100 Women In Hedge Funds Philanthropic Initiatives. I totally forgot. Because when I did a morning sweep of all the outlets this morning, including The Daily Mail and the UK Sun, there was no mention of it even though, as you can see, there are new photos to be published. It used to be that any time there were any new photos of the future King of England, they’d get printed automatically.

Only now he’s not single anymore. And this time, Catherine wasn’t with him. They say she was never scheduled to attend. Just William is apparently not that much of a draw anymore. Just Kate however is always a draw. This bothered his father. A lot. I’d like to think that Will is much more secure.

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