Most of you have probably seen the photos of a Jay-Z inspired Prince William yesterday during his visit to Centrepoint with Catherine. But he also drops some other moves in a video. Click here to see.SO cute, right?

Like a perv I’m also including a few shots of Will with his hand on his wife’s back as he’s guiding her to the car. The point is, as we’ve all noted all year, that they’re tactile. That they appear to be comfortable showing physical familiarity with one another, as opposed to the generation of royals that preceded them.

And then I think to myself, if Will is this at ease with public displays of affection, what is that going to look like when it’s Harry’s turn? We might see more than just handholding and a hand at the small of the back. With Harry it could be a proper ass grab.

Since 1969, Centrepoint has assisted over 70,000 homeless youth in the UK, not unlike Covenant House Vancouver. This is the most difficult month of the year for those living on the streets. In addition to battling the elements, it’s also a lonely time, when going forward can seem futile.

At Covenant House Vancouver, our young people are not only sheltered and fed, they are cared for because they are important. Every day at Covenant House, we try to make them feel important. This is the beginning. Click here to see what it was like this year at our youth Christmas party, to see the great work of our staff and volunteers, and to read personal stories from our youth.