It’s a dog owner thing, I suppose. If you don’t have a dog, you should probably roll your eyes and click away. Don’t worry, there’s a Hot Harry On A Horse article coming up next.

The Royals were out in full blast this weekend for Trooping The Colour. Catherine of William rode with Camilla of Cornwall and Prince Harry while William was horseback alongside his father for the ceremony. Why Will and not his brother? William was made Colonel of the Irish Guards last year and participated in his first Trooping The Colour ceremony. Harry has yet to receive any of those titles from granny and must stay in the car.

In addition to celebrating the Queen’s birthday, Kate was also out on her own supporting two of her charities before joining the rest of her rich relatives at polo. And now we get to the only part of this article that matters...


When it comes to public affection, for the royals, it’s always animals > people.
By all means, totally kiss your puppy. Do NOT kiss your wife!

Still, I love when Diana’s boys get all up in a dog’s face. This is adorable, non? And delicious. For real, the back of a dog’s head, especially a puppy’s head, smells delicious.