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Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 25, 2010 06:38:42 October 25, 2010 06:38:42

Like Halle Berry, Prince William is apparently also making a declaration of his own. The Prince went to a wedding this weekend. Kate Middleton accompanied him. And they allowed themselves to be pictured together in the same frame, walking together in and out of the church. This means they may announce their engagement soon. Not being facetious.

William is very aware of protocol, the symbolism that is attached to whatever he does, however insignificant. This willingness then to not only be seen together in public but to allow themselves to be photographed together at an event (and not, like, getting into a cab at 3am with a camera shoved up to the window) supposedly, according to royal experts, signifies that Kate is just one step closer to becoming the wife.

It’s been an 8 year investment. Sure, regular people can be together for 8 years with no intention of putting something on paper, but, well, boys like William really don’t have that option. I guess they’ve gotten over the issue that the Middletons are too common, then?

I won’t lie. The idea of a royal wedding is appealing to me. I read somewhere once that the chosen girl has to have her fertility tested before she’s approved. Am not actually sure how legit that is and since I’m writing this on an Air Canada flight – I’ve yet to travel on an Air Canada plane with wireless, get your f-cking sh-t together! – I can’t google to check on this detail. But I’d very much like it to be true. Simply because it’s the kind of custom that adds to the utter amazingness of being of a certain bloodline. And imagine having to submit to a test like that? I’d watch that reality show.

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