As mentioned several times over the last few weeks, there’s been a lot of noise in the British press about Prince William and Catherine, and whether or not they’re lazy. They ignored it for a while, as those at their class are accustomed to doing. We will not be dictated to by the peasants!


Will seems to have added to his schedule lately. Several public events, stepping in for Kate at Irish Guards event the other day. And during an interview with ITV, he was asked straight up about the accusations about being “work shy”. Click here to watch the video, and his response. You’ll note, there was even a follow-up, which is when he says, “It’s part of the job”. With a tone. And an expression. I read that as royal impatience. It’s f-cking beneath him to have to answer TO the public, to have to even acknowledge that the criticism exists. Which is why pointedly he changes the subject, preferring instead to talk about wildlife conservation. Does it come off a little… pouty to you?

The point is, they pretend they can’t hear…and don’t hear…but they do. Oh they do.

Here’s Kate today visiting a consignment shoppe that supports her charity. Apparently it’s to be her final official engagement before she and Will head to India in April.