Prince Charles is visiting Wales where his son William is stationed with the RAF rescue. He toured the base today, a proud father. Obviously those uniforms have never been so tidily hung up before. Before touring his dad around the workplace, Will was with his brother Harry the other day, surfing in Cornwall. Hot Harry in a wetsuit!? Click here to see the pictures.

And all this as a new film about their mother’s last days is currently in production with Naomi Watts playing Princess Diana. They’ve been shooting her on a yacht, recreating the time she spent with Dodi Fayed, not too long before she was killed. This is where I’m confused. Because Naomi Watts doesn’t (generally) make bullsh-t movies. Doing a trashy Diana biopic doesn’t seem like her style. But how can any Diana biopic not be kinda trashy? This scene even looks trashy to me which...hey, I’m all over royal trash, no complaints. But it never occurred to me that that’s where Naomi Watts lives professionally. Can Naomi Watts class up a movie with scenes featuring Diana frolicking on a boat with her boyfriend? Can they get past all the baggage surrounding that time in her life? Remember the speculation that she was pregnant with Dodi’s baby? Remember the conspiracy theories? Remember how his dad erected a shrine to them in his department store? That’s the challenge for this film. Everyone already remembers everything about her.