I know there are several of you, including a friend of mine whose initials are LB, who will be as into these photos as I am. Prince William and Catherine left Yellowknife today to travel to Slave Lake, the Alberta town that was devastated by fire in May. I will have more of those photos for you tomorrow.

Today though, it’s how they travel. Look at their baggage! WILLIAM’S GARMENT BAG. MONOGRAMMED.


I need to order my own set.

Also that pink-ish flowery situation that belongs to Catherine is totally underwhelming. Will needs to get his wife some of her own monogrammed garment bags.


You see the sheer garment with what looks like a pink pleated dress inside? LA Gala???

Dude, imagine you’re one of these guys moving their clothes. Do you, um, discreetly, if you can, pull down the zipper??? Some people have such great will power.

Anyway, as you can see, as it’s a casual travel day, Kate’s totally recycling. The blouse might be a first hint but the pants, those ugly ass wedge slingbacks, and the Smythe jacket (it is, isn’t it?) are all items she’s already worn.

Am also attaching photos this time, as opposed to video, of Will adjusting her hood yesterday at Blachford Lake. Gah! How can you resist this? They are so f-cking cute.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com and R Chiang/Splashnewsonline.com and Chris Jackson/Gettyimages.com