Anti-depression coaching for Princesses

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The latest on the wedding date seems to be end of April. It’s after Easter and before the Duke of Edinburgh’s 90th birthday AND, most importantly, obviously, it’s before polo season. Don’t let marriage get into the way of the Prince’s polo playing, seen? Anyway, still no official confirmation but it seems as though they are intent on making it happen before the summer.

From now until then, however, there’s a lot to be done, a lot to be learned, especially where Kate is concerned. According to British gossips, she’s currently undergoing “depression avoidance training sessions” as recommended – supposedly – by William who doesn’t want her to feel isolated and alone. He’ll be away much of the time when they are married, and she could be overwhelmed by, you know, just being royal. So the Countess of Wessex has offered to help her find her way.


All these amazing details. And wasted on Kate who has been the model of discretion. This is not a girl who will do a tell-all or a reality show. Andrew Morton likely won’t be interviewing her on the low for an unauthorised but authorised biography. Clever William has been very smart about prizing loyalty over other attributes. Harry however might not be so astute. We’ll have to wait for him.

By the way, did you know that Kate used to take notes for William when he missed class at St Andrews? You have to read the excerpts they’ve been publishing in the Daily Mail. It’s totally trash fiction which is what makes it so amazing. Like this:

“They clinked glasses and William leaned in to kiss her. Kate pulled away, stunned by his boldness.”


You love it.

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Attached – more new/old photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton, including some of those infamous roller skating shots.

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