Will Cambridge is a good name. Can we call him that?

Here are Prince William and his Catherine on Day 2 of their tour in Singapore. She wore two dresses. She wore those cork wedges with a white Alexander McQueen eyelet suit situation which...I’m pretty sure Sarah Burton would have advised her not to. It’s so hot over there, her hair is starting to frizz. Emergency! Am also really curious about that pantyhose and how it’s arranged. Does the Palace just request for a box to be delivered every month for life?

At one point today, a kid precociously asked William how many kids he wants. Answer: 2. The lesson from this is that kids can ask anything and get an answer. You can’t not answer a kid. We should have put a kid on the red carpet at TIFF for Kristen Stewart firing questions, one after the other:

-Have you talked to Rob?
-Do you still love him?
-Will you get married?
-Will you have his baby?