I didn’t actually put it together until this week that Prince William’s birthday is on the Summer Solstice. His brother probably takes advantage of that more than he does - Solstice parties at Highgrove! 

Will is 30 now. It’s not to be a major blowout but he is celebrating quietly with Kate, Harry, and friends. What’s new at 30 that we haven’t already written about at 29? Well, for starters, he inherits something like £10 million from Diana’s estate. More importantly though, he has to decide soon what he wants to do - continue working for a few more years with the RAF or start assuming a heavier Royal work load, which is supposedly what the Queen is hoping for. Will and Kate’s popularity has boosted the family and even anti-monarchists have conceded that the young Cambridges have certainly challenged the strength of their position.

Anyway, here’s a photo retrospective. Remember when Diana used to call him “William The Terrible”? And, um, when Britney Spears claimed they’d exchanged several emails? In the end she also said that a meeting never materialised - because he dropped out - but still. If only these could be printed. One day.