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Prince William told CTV’s Brian Williams during their interview on Friday - click here to watch - that he didn’t have much more time to enjoy the Olympics as he’s back to work this week. What? No Royal Employment Pass during the Games? Of course not. That would be a setting a bad example. And he knows better. From what I’ve heard, he’s surrounded by people who know better.

When Will and Harry visited the international broadcast centre on Friday for their interviews with the BCC and CTV, it was a study in proper celebrity behaviour. They were gracious and considerate and thoughtful. And, even more surprising, they were managed by people who are gracious and considerate and thoughtful. At one point, during a group photo, wanting all the crew and everyone around to be able to participate, Will and Harry’s “person”, a senior staffer, offered to hold the camera and take the picture. “No, no, everyone, get in, get in, yes, everyone! That’s it! Let me take another one, just to make sure! There we go, that should be a good one.”

Afterwards several of my colleagues emailed to tell the story, to be all like...


You know why?

It’s because we are conditioned by degenerate Hollywood assholes. It’s because people like Snooki and the Kardashians and Ashley Greene and almost all the other ones and their teams throw a long list of demands at you for an appearance and work you like dogs when they arrive at your studio because they’re doing you a favour.

Meanwhile, the second and third in line to the throne of England walk in like they’re ordinary townsfolk grateful for your audience as opposed to the other way around.

Anyway, before heading back to Wales, Will and Kate watched Jessica Ennis win gold on Saturday night. Kate hit up the event finals in gymnastics yesterday while Will was playing polo to cheer on Louis Smith. Shortly after McKayla Maroney threw around her mega bitch face after falling on her vault, Kate was seen chatting in the stands with the other members of Team USA. She’s wearing her hair looser and wilder, isn’t she? Or is it just the humidity?

She and Will hooked up later at Olympic Stadium to watch Usain Bolt but today she was on her own again for sailing though... well... look how handsome those sailing athletes are to distract her. Like they actually just stepped out of a magazine ad.

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