Prince William visited the Coventry War Memorial Park today to mark the centenary of the First World War. He met with his people, he played with the children, and he showed us what his forehand might look like.

What about his forehead? Or, rather, the top of his head?

That’s what people were talking about today re: the cover of Vanity Fair. And whether or not they gave him more hair because, well, he’s losing it. The magazine denies that they deliberately tried to camouflage his bald spots, but that they had other motivations – something about fonts and white print and whatever.

Click here to see differences.

Um. Maybe they should have just picked a different photo? All of them are giving side-faces!

By the way, speaking of tennis, Milos Raonic is coming on The Social tomorrow and I’m involved in a challenge. In other words, he’s going to kick my ass.