Prince Hot Harry was seen arriving at Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Christmas lunch yesterday. Prince William and Catherine too. It was a royal convoy.

On December 5 however Harry was in Lesotho for his foundation Sentebale. The pictures have just been released. And they’ve been selected by Harry himself…with captions. Love this idea. Because, yes, the photos are adorable and, yes, he seems like he’s so great with these kids. But reading his descriptions gives you a lot more insight into what he’s like – at least what he wants you to think he’s like. In particular, his use of exclamation points.

I imagine a royal is trained not to overuse exclamation points. I imagine it’s frowned upon. Like sending the Queen a letter littered with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wouldn’t displease her. Right?

Click here to see more photos and to read the captions.