Princes William and Harry made multiple appearances today in London. Check them out at BGC Charity Day at Canary Wharf, in memory of victims of 9/11, raising money for several charities. Both were involved in a number of multi-billion dollar Euro trades this morning. Would you give if Hot Harry was on the line? How about if he’s on Skype with you, making this face?

Later on, the princes joined their parents at a requiem mass for Hugh van Cutsem, a close friend of Prince Charles. You remember this little one?

Grace van Cutsem covered her ears at The Wedding. She’s is the granddaughter of Hugh van Cutsem. That’s how close the families are.

Tonight Harry’s at a gala for WellChild. Here he is being great with Jonathan, 6 years old, and his dad Ning.

Tomorrow Princess Catherine will be wearing a ball gown for the first time since birthing Little G. It’s the Tusk Trust dinner. I’ll have those pictures for you as soon as they’re available.