Prince Harry was in Miami the other day before heading to Memphis with his brother for Guy Pelly’s wedding. Naturally, he hit up a club. Naturally he was talking closely with a woman. Unfortunately he didn’t get naked with her and pick up a cue stick. It’s probably not that he didn’t want to. It’s more like his security team got in such deep sh-t last time in Vegas, they likely would have discouraged it. Come on Harry. Let’s be more careful. Can’t we just separately transport two or three of your favourites up to your hotel room and confiscate their phones?

Another factor…


William wasn’t in Vegas when Harry cupped his balls. He’s a steadying influence in Harry’s life. And it would a major scandal if some sh-t went down on his watch. After all, he will be king. Also, he’s boring.

Do we know if Taylor Swift might be spending the weekend in Nashville? Because it would be a quick trip to Memphis for her, non?