There’s never going to be a time when I don’t post any photos I can of these two on their horses doing their sport of kings thing. At least not until they start looking really bad in tight white pants.

At what age do men start looking sh-tty in tight white pants?

These two? If Hot Harry can hold his beer bloat off? Well past their 40s, for sure.

Katy Cambridge was not there. And it's too bad because I would have liked to see Big G, that bruiser, spread out on the grass, killing ants and throwing up on people for kicks. One day that kid is going to play polo too. Like, he's going to have a mallet in his hand. And everyone will just eat it and play like sh-t just to avoid one of his tantrums.

Maybe that's why she didn't go. Big G looks like a lot of work, even for someone who has help.