ABC has secured the US rights to broadcast the Concert For The Queen on June 5 in celebration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. As part of the deal, I guess the network was also able to negotiate exclusive interviews with Princes William and Harry to air on May 29th as part of a 2 hour special hosted by Katie Couric called The Real Queen: By Her Own Royal Family. So I’m totally not going out that night.

A preview for the special has been released. I’ve attached below:

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That British voiceover is too obvious, isn’t it? We get it. They’re English. They can speak like that for themselves. Why does the introduction lady have to be English too? That, in my opinion, is a junior production decision.

Anyway how cute is Harry when he’s talking about his grandmother and Facebook? I really do wish more of you could have seen the BBC documentary The Diamond Queen featuring Harry going on about how much he hates putting on a dinner jacket. Apparently the three parts only stream in Canada and the UK, the first time geoblocking actually works in our favour.

But thanks to Genevieve for sending me links to some other videos you’ll enjoy and they’re both on YouTube which means everyone is welcome.

As William and Harry are honouring their grandmother this summer I wonder...have you ever seen their grandmother run? This 13 minute video is PURE GOLD the whole way through for old school royalness - I LOVE Princess Anne’s wedding dress! - but if you don’t have time, skip to the 11:00 mark and watch as the Queen actually hauls ass to hold William back from getting run over.

She’s, like, PUMPING HER ARMS!

It’s Granny come to the rescue!

Ok now go back and watch from the beginning because I know you totally want to.

Here’s the Queen with Prince Philip in Liverpool today.