Princes William and Harry attended the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference in London today along with their father Prince Charles. Weren’t they juuuust boar hunting a few days ago? There is a rational explanation I’m sure that makes sense, of course, of course, of course. I’m just saying the timing and all that…it’s not a good look. Am I allowed to say that? Am I allowed to say that the back to back of hunting and then advocating for animal welfare might not be the best optics? Curious misstep by Will, in particular, who’s handled his image with military precision. You expect this kind of strategic confusion from Harry, certainly, but Will, as the more sensible of the two – much more sensible – doesn’t usually deviate from the message as much. Bonus? Princess Catherine wasn’t with him when he was hunting. So she doesn’t have to eat it for this. In fact, she might even come off ahead since it could be argued, by those who argue these matters, that without her, he succumbs to terrible advice. 

But hey, Jackie Chan was there! And Jackie Chan makes every event better!

PS. I am devastated over Evgeni Plushenko. How can I go on today? How can I go on? Is it because I ran out of papayas and oranges? I’ve not had either this morning and already the bad luck is piling up.