I feel like I might be more excited to see her at the Oscars than anyone else. It’s Prison Bride!

Accordingly to Page Six, Prince Albert and Her Serenity of Captivity, Princess Charlene of Monaco, would like to attend the Oscars on February 26th. Something about her starting up a children’s charity. Not sure what the connection is there but this is not the point.

The point is I have a new Gossip Genie fantasy and it involves the Brange creating a diversion while George Clooney rescues her. And the Jolie subsequently becoming her best friend and acknowledged saviour.

The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences is not the Recording Academy. The Academy has standards. I know there’s a lot wrong with the Oscars, but what’s always been right about the institution has been how it has stewarded the Oscar brand and safeguarded its prestige. Ebola Paris Hilton can’t crash the Oscars. Rebecca Black won’t be posing on the carpet outside the (Kodak) Theatre. Kim Kardashian will not be asked to present.

In this case however, I mean we are dealing with royalty. Legitimate royalty. If you’re the Academy and they ask to be invited, do you grant them the request and issue an invitation? Or do you decline because, well, frankly, the Grimaldis are to the Windsors what the People’s Choice Awards are to the Oscars?