Prince William is now on duty in the Falkland Islands. He’ll be away for 6 weeks. Before departing for his mission, Will joined the Middleton family on holiday in Mustique. Now it’s back to work. For both.

Here’s Catherine of William tonight in London at the National Portrait Gallery of which she is the official Royal patron. She was there to view a Lucian Freud exhibit. Can you tell it’s her first solo public engagement? She seems pretty comfortable to me. As long as there’s no speaking involved. I have almost, almost managed to unsee that video.

Word is, Kate and Will both agreed she’d take her time acclimating to her role, letting him lead until she felt comfortable going on her own. According to “aides” which is the Palace’s way of saying “publicists/sources”, she’s very well prepared and “raring to go”. But that’s her style, isn’t? She is cautious, deliberate, and pragmatic where her mother-in-law was impulsive, spontaneous, and, often, charmingly careless. By all accounts though, William prefers it this way with his wife. Not only out of care and concern so as not to repeat the same mistakes as his mother but also because, ultimately, he is that way too. They complement each other rather well.

Next week, Kate is headed to Liverpool for her next charity engagement on behalf of Action On Addiction. She’ll be hanging out at an alcohol-free bar. As for the ongoing baby situation...

You know my position/prediction: not until after the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics. Everything in its place. Everything in its time.