Princess Catherine visited with students and staff at M-PACT Plus Counselling today in London while her sister was broadcast on US morning television as part 2 of her interview with Matt Lauer aired on The Today Show. Anything good? No. Boring. How boring? Pippa Middleton managed to make even Big G sound boring. And this just one day after telling Matt that she approached the royal wedding as a family event as opposed to an international spectacle. OK, Pippa. That’s enough from you and your Middleton family eyeliner.

Seriously, is it an ancestral edict? If you’re going to wear eyeliner like it’s blue and we’re in the 80s, you might as well just make it blue like we’re in the 80s.

Today is a good example of why it’s a joke when people call Katy Cambridge a style icon. Because… THAT HAIR. For someone who spends so much time online planning her fashions, I really wish she’d choose better inspiration than whatever she’s getting from Indulge me for a minute here and imagine, imagine if for just one week, Kate could work with JLO’s hairstylist and makeup artist, what a difference that would make for all of us.

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