Katy Cambridge was at the National Maritime Museum today in London attending the launch of the British challenger team for the 35th America’s Cup. She looked very pretty in a white and black dress. Yesterday, Prince William was with David Beckham, also in London, at the launch of the United for Wildlife campaign at Google Town Hall.

OK so here’s what I don’t get about royal scheduling. I just wrote about what else happened in London today. Angelina Jolie, William Hague, the Global Summit To End Sexual Violence. Like, who would ever be criticised for joining that fight? Certainly not the Cambridges.

So do they send them an invitation to participate? To show up for a photo opportunity to lend their support, bringing even more attention to the issue? For them, and they don’t have the travel issues everyone else has to deal with, it’s practically down the road.

The summit runs for three days and includes an exclusive screening of In The Land Of Blood And Honey where the Jolie will give an introduction. Maybe Will and Kate will show up for that and give us all the photo of the year.