It’s not Spring Break for everyone. And definitely not Princess Catherine who stepped out again today for a visit to the Brookhill Children’s Centre in Woolwich. She was just out yesterday for St Patrick’s Day. That’s at least 6 public appearances in the last two weeks. As I’ve been saying, they’re cramming it all in before she goes on maternity leave.

You know who was missing from yesterday's St Patrick's Day event though?

Hot Harry.


He IS the family party. Shhhh. I hear you. St Patrick's Day isn't about beer and partying you ignorant c-nt. Yes. You're right. But tell that to everyone who has a hangover today. Which, I don't. I had to study last night. Was Harry studying? He showed up looking pretty rested at the launch event for Walking With The Wounded's Walk Of Britain this morning. No green beer for Harry.