As I wrote yesterday, Princess Catherine is almost done with her official appearances ahead of the big birth. She’ll be at the Trooping the Colour ceremony on Saturday alongside the royal family and then the only item on her personal schedule left is Thomas Van BeeZee’s wedding (that dude’s name is too much of a pain in the ass to spell check every f-cking time).

Here she is in Southampton on Wednesday for the naming of the Royal Princess. She was also made godmother of the ship. See? This is the difference between regular people and royal people. Regular people are godparents to screaming babies. Royal people are godparents to gigantic BOATS!

At some point during the event, Katy C also smashed a bottle over the hull. I am less impressed with the smashing than I am with the godmothering. You know what would have been way cooler? It would have been way cooler if she sabered the bottle. Have you ever sabered a bottle of champagne? Can you imagine the pregnant future Queen sabering a bottle of champagne? That’s more of a Prince Harry thing, isn’t it?