It’s the 100th anniversary of British VOGUE. To commemorate the occasion, Katy Cambridge is on the cover of the June issue and the portraits will be on display at the National Portrait Gallery. The photos were shot by Josh Olins in Norfolk. She’s a princess in the countryside, the sunlight dappling over her royal skin and her upper class casual clothing.

I like these pictures. I like that in the hands of some proper fashion people, her eye makeup is such an improvement. They’ve convinced her to go light on the bottom liner and gave her a strong brow. She looks lovely.

But there are some haters. The Guardian is like, um, this isn’t art, and it shouldn’t up in a museum just because she’s royal. And over at the Daily Mail, apparently the bucolic setting is underwhelming, too low on glamour. The writer, Liz Jones, suggests that Kate’s VOGUE cover shoulda been more like this:

Ohhhhhh kayyyyyy…


If you think Kate Middleton could do Diana, sure. Diana understood how to flirt with the camera. Diana was a vamp. Diana knew how to seduce you with her eyes. So are we saying that Kate’s capable of this?

I’ve never seen it.

Given that that’s just not her gear, why are we asking her to grow a gear she doesn’t have. These photos? This is where she lives. I’m not mad at that.