New cover of PEOPLE features Catherine Cambridge and the online article is titled:

“How Princess Kate Got Back to Her 'Smiling, Bubbly Self”

Horny books?
Good sex?

I don’t know. They don’t actually answer the f-cking question.

All they’re telling is us that she’s “taking things day by day” but also quoting a source who cautions that “It is not right to say that she is absolutely fine. She is still feeling some of the effects of HG. But she is definitely recovering”.

Fine. So it’s just an excuse to put her on the cover and talk about her life?

I’m in.

Apparently she and Will are busy redecorating Anmer Hall, their new country home. Her critics are pissy about this because her work schedule – even before she got pregnant – wasn’t all that full, especially not in comparison to the rest of the family, including the old Queen, who out-hustles everyone.



By their expectations, and I mean the Firm, isn’t her role to produce heirs? Like, that’s priority #1 on the job description, non? I’m not asking you if you think that’s right in these times – that’s a different discussion entirely. The question is whether or not, as her job exists now, her duty is to deliver the next monarch – and a backup. Is it? And is she?

I would suck at that job.