People keep wanting there to be a baby inside Catherine Cambridge. In Touch reported last week that she is indeed pregnant. Right. It’s In Touch. In other words, we’re nowhere. But now the obsessive Princess BumpWatch has moved into another gear. And everyone’s trying to zoom in on her belly to see if they can barely make out a royal fetus. Ew.

Here’s Kate at the Tesco yesterday back in Wales. So you’re at the grocery picking up some food. And Kate Middleton’s at the check-out. Please. You’re paying for one banana if you have to to get into that line, right? Would you ask her opinion on the orange juice? “How is it? Is it too sweet?” Would you offer commentary on her cereal? “Oh that’s a good brand, it keeps me regular.”

What? Conversation unbecoming a Princess?

Also on Kate’s grocery list: apparently a lot of fruit, a whole chicken, and some ice cream. Obviously for Will.