We’ve been getting new visitors to the site – Hi! Welcome! – and one of the common questions that comes up is why I call her Princess Kate and it’s wrong and I am mistaken and she’s actually Duchess Kate. First, I hate the word “duchess”. It’s such a stupid-sounding word. So, when Big G’s birth certificate was released, with “princess” listed as her “occupation” (because being a princess is a job, I guess), that was good enough for me. Remember this?

It was signed by Prince William. And if Will is filling out forms identifying himself as Prince and his wife as Princess, I’m calling her a princess over a duchess so that I never have to use the word duchess.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s Kate tonight in London at the screening of A Street Cat Named Bob in support of the charity Action On Addiction. She looks terrific in this white dress. But…do those shoes look suede to you? They look it to me. I have a thing against suede shoes as evening wear. Actually I have a thing against suede heels, period. She wears them a lot.

In other Kate news…oh wait, there is none. And we’re still a few weeks away from any new holiday photos of Big G and Wild Charlotte.