How quick was this response?

Earlier in the day, the British papers were all over Catherine Cambridge’s hair, positing that the line you see on the side of her head at the charity dinner she attended in Prince Charles’s place last night was a hair extension.

A clarification was promptly issued by St James Palace. The Royals are insisting that Kate and Britney Spears do not share cheap weave, that Kate is all real, and that what we’ve mistaken as a hair piece is actually a childhood scar resulting from an operation. The Daily Mail and other publications swiftly updated their articles. In other words, there was some pressure from the Palace to put this message out there, NOW.

You hear?

My Princess doesn’t wear hair tape! And she really, really, really wants you to know this!

(Brilliant move on her part, non? The childhood scar explanation shows a deft touch. She’s turned a fashion fixation into a compassion conversation focused on her health. Well played, Catherine. Well played.)