Over 5 years, I think? Kate Middleton was interviewed when she and Prince William first got engaged. Since then she’s spoken in public but she hasn’t spoken on camera. But the Queen’s birthday is coming up, her 90th. And they’ve put together a special called Our Queen At 90. So she’s been asked to talk about Her Majesty, revealing that Big G calls her “Gan Gan”. At first I was like, George Michael Bluth! But that’s actually Gangee. Wouldn’t it have been amazing though if Big G and George Michael Bluth had something in common? And if Queen Elizabeth had something in common with Lucille?

Anyway, the other comment that stood out for some was what Kate had to say about the Queen’s mentorship:

“She’s been very generous and not, sort of, been forceful at all in any of her views but she’s just, I feel she’s been there, sort of, a gentle guidance really for me.”

It’s not the most articulate statement. But it’s an interesting choice of words. “Forceful”, or, rather, “not forceful”. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumours. That the Queen has been unhappy with Will and Kate’s royal productivity. That she’s been either pushing them to do more or bitching behind the scenes about how little they actually do. And doesn’t it seem like Kate is addressing her, pointedly almost, in this interview? Remember, the Royal Family would have cleared every single second of this programme. They would have approved her saying that. So, basically, f-ck all y’all for assuming that the Queen thinks the Cambridges are lazy.

And you know what? I honestly don’t think he does. She’s indulgent, the Queen. Click here for a great article about those who are most spoiled.

Curiously the other grandson she has indulged in the past is the one who’s been stepping up way more for her than his big brother. Prince Harry is in Nepal right now – engaging, dancing, hugging, generally just being Granny’s MVP so that, um, Will doesn’t have to?