Catherine of William is 30 today. Pippa and Harry are supposedly planning a birthday party for her. And UK tabloids are reporting that Prince William has been thinking of what to gift her: a watch and a commissioned oil painting to commemorate her first year as his wife. How would you feel about looking at an entire wall of your own face? Rich people are so weird.

Here’s Kate at Will’s side yesterday for the UK premiere of War Horse. She went back to Temperley for the occasion. I love this choice for her first movie red carpet. It has the gravitas required for such an occasion. And she wears it so beautifully. God she is tall and long, non? She is also, as you can see, despite premature announcements otherwise, no thank you In Touch Weekly, NOT pregnant. I really don’t see it happening before the Olympics unless the Queen orders it. And in Judi Dench’s voice too, the way Elizabeth I asked for “something more cheerful next time, for Twelfth Night”. I hate how that movie gets sh-t on all the time just because people can’t stand Gwyneth Paltrow and war films should win everything. Really? Over the Bard? I’ll fight you on this to the end.