Katy Cambridge’s 3 out of 4

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 20, 2013 13:50:42 March 20, 2013 13:50:42

Princess Catherine stepped out again today on official royal duty, her third appearance in four days, this time at the side of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at a visit to Baker Street underground station. Not that there was any doubt about it but this reaffirms, obviously, that Her Majesty is very fond of her granddaughter-in-law, and perhaps more so because she’s (re)productive. These people get off on legacy more than most. The Queen hasn’t been feeling well lately and this is her first public outing since being hospitalised for a day with stomach problems.

At the event, Kate was presented with a button reading “Baby On Board”, as if she’d ever need one on the train or anywhere. Apparently she was delighted with it and said she’d wear it at home.

More importantly though, did she and the Queen coordinate outfits? Similar lining, non?

Danny E. Martindale/ AFP/ Getty, Keystone

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