Princess Catherine was photographed today at Buckingham Palace. Click here to see the pictures. She's driving. Big G is in the backseat. They were going to great granny's for a swim in her pool. And she's a few days past her due date. And hundreds of media, maybe more, are on standby just waiting. Waiting for the coming of the child. Not to mention the royal TwiHards camped outside Mary Lindo. A friend of mine sent this to me yesterday, true story. See? Crazy.

If she wanted to get into Buckingham Palace undetected, no images, she could have easily made that happen. But the fact that these shots have been made available...she wanted to be seen.

So was it a courtesy? Like, hey everyone, take the afternoon off. You're not going to miss anything if you turn your phone off today. Ok. But how about tomorrow?

Tomorrow is their fourth anniversary. We Chinese say Double Happiness.