The Queen and Prince Philip were joined by Prince Charles, Camilla, and the Cambridges yesterday at a reception at Buckingham Palace for members of the media who’ll be covering the Diamond Jubilee next year.

Only a handful of photos were made available and both Will and Kate were shot exclusively from the waist up even though there are full length images of most of the other royals including her Majesty. There’s probably a very simple logistical reason for this but, you know, why not take advantage of it as an opportunity to further speculate as to whether or not...

SHE’s PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I love it when they do this on tabloid covers. The words “Brad worries that” appear in tiny, tiny, microscopic font, and then in blazing neon “ANGELINA’S ON DRUGS!!!!!!!!!” will take over half the page. Awesome.)

Oh and by the way, photos from the waist up only is MUCH better cause for pregnancy speculation than stupid BumpWatch. There’s deliberation and strategy behind photos from the waist up. BumpWatch only makes women feel like they can’t eat. WHY do we do this? You can’t blame Vogue for this. Or Donatella Versace. That, my friends, is all US.

As for whether or not Kate’s actually carrying the child that will push Harry down from third to fourth, here’s why I’m inclined NOT to believe it: the report came from In Touch Weekly.

Again, if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say these are decisions made by committee and that they would have determined that nothing should distract from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and that an announcement will come after the London 2012 Games. So about 9 months away.