Cautious optimism...

Princess Catherine was released from hospital today. She looks pretty good in the photos but in the video, which is looping on every news station today, she seems kinda fragile. Or maybe I’m projecting. Because now the narrative is all like -- she’s so brave! And, I dunno, I know I should snark but I can’t find it right now, seeing her smiling and stoically representing her family the Windsor way, even though she probably just wants to lie down on the bathroom floor and feel the cool of the tile against her face.

The Palace has confirmed that Kate’s gone home to Kensington Palace to rest and will likely not be engaging in any official duties for the rest of the year. Will however may be required to return to work as he has several days to make up from all the time he had off during Jubilee celebrations. As they’ve always tried to maintain that Will does not receive special treatment on the job, there’s a very good chance that Kate will be alone, especially since they don’t want to move her from London, preferring that she stay close to the medical staff treating her.

Katy and Baby Wales will be on their own for a while then.


It’s still early.

Be well Baby Wales!