Katy Cambridged stepped out today in Margate, England for a visit to Turner Contemporary Art Gallery. She wore a print coat that’s recycled from the last time she was pregnant.

Speaking of that…

They’re saying now that the baby is due at the end of April. According to the Daily Beast, the Palace wants to avoid all the media from last time. Like when all the reporters from around the world camped out on the street for two weeks in the sweltering summer heat waiting for news and I was grossed out about where they were going to pee.

Not so conveniently, I’ve planned a trip to London around the same time to visit my friend Lorella. And I’m the asshole who cares that people will think I’m there because the Princess is about to give birth. I swear, it’s mostly for shopping and eating.

Anyway, hilariously, the dude who wrote this piece thinks that the child will arrive on May 4th, because it’s a full moon on May 4th. And Big G, who was late, was born under a full moon. And full moons supposedly put people into labour?